Banned radical organization emerging as political party


ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Peoples Party parliamentarian Senator Sehar Kamran expressed her serious concerns over the proscribed Jamat-ud-Dawa (JuD) announcement of forming a political party by the name of “Milli Muslim League”. She expressed in her press released as a State what message are we sending to the world if we keep allowing banned organizations to reincarnate themselves with different names by disguising themselves as political entities?

Senator Kamran said the announcement of this political party by a proscribed organization, is the last nail in the coffin of the much propagated National Action Plan (NAP). She said the Pakistan Peoples’ Party and its leadership including Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, overtime have expressed their grave reservations in the non-implementation of the NAP especially in regards of banned religious elements but all our concerns were brushed under the carpet.

Senator Sehar Kamran stated that such acts nullify our sacrifices against this war on terrorism. She said we have lost more than 70,000 people and suffered hundreds of billions of dollars’ damages but still our sacrifices have not been acknowledged globally.

The present government has failed to utilize the gains made by military operations and giving space to such factions in the political arena will only further aggravate the issue of extremism and terrorism in the country, she added.

In the recent past, another Parliamentarian Sheikh Rasheed, (facilitator to such groups) has claimed in a private TV channel that followers of the Mumtaz Qadri (killer of Governor Punjab, Salamn Taseer) has become a political power and will effect in the coming general election in 2018.

Parliamentarian with this mind set is very serious threat to the minorities and liberal groups living in the country. There are other people with the said mindset are working in other offices which create problems in the country. State is responsible to save and secure the life of every citizen in the country and it should take serious action against such groups.


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