Another Christian man arrested on blasphemy charges


Lahore: A Christian man has been arrested on the charges of blasphemy in Punjab province. Soon after arresting the suspect the police shifted him to an undisclosed location on the fear that the area people led by religious groups might attack the police station.

According to the reports, the incident took place at Kharian Gujrat, some 200 KMs from Lahore, the capital of Punjab province.

Nadeem Ahmed, the owner of an electric shop in Dinga town, filed a complaint with the police station that a friend of his informed him on Thursday that a Christian sweeper allegedly had uttered remarks against the Prophet, according to Superintendent of Police Maaz Zafar.

The said accused worked at a private hospital in the Dinga town area and a case against him has been registered.

Zafar said the police raided the whereabouts of the suspect and arrested him otherwise. He said the situation in the area is under control and police personnel are patrolling the town.

Blasphemy is very sensitive issue in Pakistan and those accused of it have become an easy target for extremists. The complainant reportedly, he himself not heard the Christian man uttering against the Prophet but still his complaint has been taken seriously by the authorities.


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