LHCBA lawyer’s alleged supporters thrash opposing counsel during court hearing, abuse Asma Jahangir


LAHORE: The court was hearing a case filed by Bilquis Zareena who claimed that senior Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) member Maqsood Buttar, her alleged son-in-law, may have murdered her daughter Aisha and the child she said they had together after Aisha and her child went missing earlier.

Sama TV reported that Junior advocate Osama ─ an associate of Asma Jahangir ─ who is working on the case, was physically and verbally assaulted during the hearing allegedly by Buttar’s ‘supporters’, who showed up in throngs at the LHC.

Following the incident, Jahangir tweeted saying, “Pity that those who were recognised as upholders of rule of law should obstruct justice. Threats have never and will not deter me.”

Zareena had filed a First Information Report at the Liaquatabad Police Station in Lahore against unidentified individuals regarding the disappearance of her daughter.

The court summoned the deputy inspector general (DIG) investigations Lahore to court in today’s hearing.

The DIG told the court he needed time to investigate the matter, after which the case was adjourned until Friday.


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