Geo and Jang Group is biased media house, said Imran Khan

Islamabad: Owing to biased one sided coverage of Geo and Jang Group in the ongoing Panama probe by JIT, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has decided to boycott the media House and announced to withdraw its representation from all forums run by Geo and Jung Group.
Panama leaks is not a conspiracy it is a curtain raiser from the long-winded limitless tale of loot and corruption. Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan has lashed out at CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif and stated that ‘Mulzim e Aala’ along with his kin is striving to gain public sympathies by  portraying the ongoing investigation as a conspiracy against their family and government.
In a statement issued by Central media Department Imran Khan reiterated that the entire nation stands by the Supreme Court and the JIT. Criticizing Shehbaz Sharif’s statement after appearing before JIT Imran Khan said whom are they befooling by wearing hat and mafia suit. He went on saying that 12 corruption cases were pending against Nawaz Sharif. Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has also been implicated in a case.
Speaking to the media, Imran Khan said leaders are always held accountable in democracy and with the Sharif family appearing before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), it does not mean they are being victimized. About making rulers accountable, Imran Khan said, “An impression is being created that the Sharif family has been held accountable repeatedly, which is inaccurate.” He added the Sharif family was being held accountable for the first time.
In addition to that Imran Khan said that Sharif family’s self victimization is beyond understanding. Their lucid claims of facing accountability for decades is hilarious and absurd at the same time. The entire premise of the Sharif family’s argument in the Panama Papers case was based on a fake letter from a Qatari prince who was not ready to face the JIT despite orders. “The Qatari letter is a lie,” he claimed, “If it was not, the Qatari prince would have come to face the investigators.”
 Referring to prime minister’s wife Kulsoom Nawaz Interview, he said that only Kulsoom told the truth and confessed that the London flats were owned by the Sharif family. “Now that the case is almost over since the Qatari prince had refused to come to Pakistan, the ruling party has started attacking the JIT by telling its members that their children would have no place to live in Pakistan.” Sharif family concealed their assets and despite bearing ‘atrocities’ and ‘victimization’ they erected an empire of billions, Imran Khan said satirically.
Imran Khan said that PML-N leaders always tried to get their way by issuing threats or bribes and were rightly termed the “Mafia” and “Godfather” by the Supreme Court. He reiterated that the two of the judges on the Supreme Court panel in the Panama Papers case had declared that Nawaz Sharif was no longer ‘sagacious’ or ‘honest’, while the rest of three judges were not satisfied with the stance of the Sharif family and had asked for an investigation by a JIT.
Imran Khan lashed out at biased media coverage of Geo and Jung Group and alleged the media house of misleading public. He stated that Mir Shakeel ur Rehman is the God Father of media who is placing the corruption of House Sharif under wraps. This veil of secrecy is costing the future of Pakistan. He went on to add that portraying Nawaz Sharif like a ‘beau ideal’ political figure is a crying shame.  Imran Khan stated that it is not the responsibility of a media house to protect the corruption and money laundering of a family for its very own personal financial interests.
Meanwhile Imran Khan welcomed Ahmed Yar Hiraj’s decision to join Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and stated that his addition will help the party gain strength in District Khanewal.


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