PTI rejects action taken against Nihal Hashmi


Islamabad: Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) action against Nihal Hashmi is a hilarious attempt to pull the wool over nation’s eyes. Action under section 6 of the Anti-Terrorism Act must be taken against Nihal Hashmi for intimidating and harassing officers performing their assigned tasks.

In a statement issued by Central Media Department spokesperson Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Naeem ul Haq has stated that PML (N) routinely brings into play its ‘pawns’ to intimidate different state institutions and then theatrically scapegoat those pawns. He added that Pervaiz Rasheed and Tariq Fatmi were ‘sacrificed’ in Dawn leaks case but even after being removed from the positions on serious charges; they are eulogized and invoked with endless benefits under the patronage of Prime Minister.

He further stated that ruling party’s senator Mushahid Ullah Khan has also been temporarily dropped out of sight after his defamatory speech against Armed Forces. The nation, Naeem ul Haq said, strongly condemns the attempts to intimidate and denigrate state institutions by the Prime Minister and his ‘Darbaris’ and stated that nurturing discord and strife among state institutions is indictable and SC must bring the ‘show runners’ in the grip of law.


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