There are lot of investment apportunities in AJK, say Masood Khan


Azad Jamu & Kashmir: The Bohra Community Karachi delegation again visited AJK to explore the possibility of investment in tourism, energy, minerals and hotel industry.

On the motivation of President AJK Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan the delegation comprising leading investors and traders of Bohra Community revisited the capital of the State on the other day and took interest in investment after having been satisfied on the law and order and security situation in AJK.

Addressing a luncheon held for the investor’s delegation at President House Muzaffarabad, the President pointed out that Neelum Valley was very suitable for pharmaceutical industry as the valley was replete with natural herbal and medicinal plants which could also be planted if required in view of conducive atmosphere there.

Mr. Khan believed that mineral water after setting up its plants could also be supplied all over the country from Neelum Valley.  He said vegetables, fruits and flowers, found plenty in the area, could also be preserved through technology to be supplied within the country adding that investment in agriculture, horticulture and floriculture is pretty profitable business.

“There is also wide scope of producing LNG gas by setting up its plants in Neelum Valley that could be sold on cheap rates to people of the area. This would also help overcoming the problem of deforestation in the Valley” he said.

Mr. Khan said Neelum was also rich in minerals. “The valley had also Kashmir white marble and granite which could after proper planning and production supplied to the  world. There is also scope of housing and land development and solar energy in many parts of AJK” he said.

The head of Bohra Community delegation Mustansir Poonewala, Speaker LA Shah Ghulam Qadir and Minister Sports Ch. Muhammad Saeed also addressed on the occasion and welcomed the investor’s delegation to AJK.

Meanwhile the President inaugurated newly constructed President Secretariat in Muzaffarabad. The 3-story building has 55 rooms and has been built at a cost of 90 crore rupees with the financial assistance of China under reconstruction programme. He expressed thanks to Democratic Republic of China, Pakistan, ERRA/SERRA for construction of President Secretariat with modern facilities.


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