CEC of PTI sit to discuss Panama and Dawnleaks issues


ISLAMABAD: Central Executive Committee of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf met today in Islamabad with Chairman Imran Khan presiding to take stock of a number of recent developments including progress in the Panama case, the conclusion of the Dawnleaks episode, progress in electoral reforms and internal party issues.  At the outset the meeting condemned the cowardly attack on Deputy Chairman Senate in Mastung Yesterday in which 27 innocent lives were lost and more than 50 people injured and expressed grief and sorrow over assassination of labourers in Gawader. Expressing heartfelt condolence with the bereaved families, the meeting called upon the provincial government to improve security in the province and also provide relief and assistance to the affected.

The meeting also took note of the Dawn leaks episode and felt that its conclusion has left many questions unanswered. At the outset the meeting felt that this was not a matter just between the government and the armed forces but the entire nation was hurt by the slurs cast on the Pakistan Army. The dawn story contained a narrative that was anti Pakistan and hurt the sentiments of every citizen. It was therefore critically important for the final inquiry report to be released to the public so that the nation knows what were the issues involved, who committed what manner of breach and what was the basis of what is described as a final settlement.  Keeping everything in the dark, the meeting felt, does not further the national interest.

The meeting also discussed the on-going deliberations by the Joint Investigation team into the Panama papers. While the PTI has concerns about the potential influence of a sitting Prime Minister on an investigation being conducted by his subordinates, the party has complete faith the Supreme Court and has accepted its decision to form a JIT to investigate the matter. However it is critically important the JIT conducts its proceedings as transparently as possible. The people of Pakistan have a right to know and this right cannot be abridged by any notion of investigative secrecy. Secondly, it is also fundamental that the JIT completes its probe in the time frame assigned by the Supreme Court. Any delay will lead to suspicion that Nawaz Sharif and his family want to drag out the process to make it less effective.

The CEC meeting also expressed grave concern about the treatment being meted out by the government to the farmers who are either unable to sell their wheat or being paid prices much below the official support price. It noted that ever since this government has come into power it has targeted the farming community and created such dire circumstances for them that their very existence has come under threat.

The CEC has also passed a resolution for voting rights for overseas Pakistanis and called for proper reforms to the electoral system in order to make upcoming elections free, fair and transparent.

Secretary General Jehangir Tareen while convening the meeting greeted all the members of the CEC and stated that PTI has entered into the most critical phase of its struggle. The party, he said faces multiple challenges including its organization and steering national agenda. “It is high time that we organise ourself to the grass roots level and prepare for a greater cause of eliminating corruption from the country for which our Chairman has always stood tall and firm”, he added.

The Central Executive Committee in its today’s session deliberated exclusively upon the organizational and intra-party affairs and jointly approved a period of one month for intra-party elections. Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi, in the meeting apprised the CEC about the proposed amendments to the constitution and stressed upon the need to make party constitution completely functional and implemented. The Committee has subsequently approved these amendments to the constitution unanimously.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan concluded all important session of the committee by directing Chief Election Commissioner Senator Azam Khan Sawati to hold intra-party elections within the stipulated period of one month in a fair, just and transparent method. He reiterated his ideal of making the party an institution and not the family limited entity. He also said that PTI was all ready and determined to face an unprecedented electoral contest in the form of General Elections.


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