Art and Culture are the best bridges between people and countries, say Mr. Costa


ISLAMABAD: Art and culture are the best bridges between the people and countries, said Mr. Joao Paulo Sabido Costa, Charge’d Affairs of the Portugal Embassy in Islamabad. Talking at the opening ceremony of art exhibition of “The Art of Azulejo in Pakistan” in the local hotel Islamabad, he said that this exhibition has to do with Art of Azulejo in Portugal or, to be more precise, with Art of the glazed tiles developed throughout the centuries by Portugal together with many other regions of the World with whom Portugal contacted. One of these cases is Brazil, which Embassy graciously added some posters to the exhibition, turning it richer.

This is the Portuguese Culture and its tradition; openness and uniqueness. This form of art received influences from many other arts, cultures and Civilizations that defined its character and uniqueness. It is remarkable characteristic of the Azulejo to absorb the most different element without ever losing its own identity or personality, he added.

Diplomats, management of the Serena hotels and many other people were witnessed at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.


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