Record Number of New Businesses Being Registered in the Country: Baligh


ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training, Engnr. Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman was Chief Guest at 17th Convocation Ceremony of Bahria University here on Wednesday.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister congratulated the students on their achievements and advised them to achieve excellence in their professions. “You must equip yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to be leaders of the world, transforming it into a better place”, he said. “Your character and morals will define you and help you ascent leadership positions”, Minister added. He further told the students that they must have a clear vision and destination in mind; they must also care for others and through teamwork, help others achieve their goals as well.

Minister also praised the administration and faculty of Bahria University by saying that the University has been producing valuable human resource for the country for long. He advised the faculty to inculcate hope and positivity in the students and shun every negative attempt of sowing the seeds of despair in them. “Channel their energies in the right direction for better service of the society; all of us have challenges and difficulties in life but only those who are optimistic keep on rising and excel in their career”, Minister said.

Highlighting the present government’s achievements, Minister said that when PML N took power in 2013, international media and rating  agencies had declared Pakistan one of the most dangerous and business unfriendly countries. “Terrorism incidents were on the rise, industries were shifting their premises abroad, extended hours of load shedding had become routine; now, after 4 years, we see record number of new businesses being registered in the country; load shedding has ended for industrial consumers and would soon be eliminated totally; all think tanks and economic agencies are talking about a rising Pakistan, well positioned to become 20th biggest economy by 2030”, he proclaimed.

He reiterated that measurable progress has been made in every segment of 4Es: Education, Energy, Economy and (eradication of) Extremism. “10,000 MW of electricity will be added in the system in just 5 years record time compared to around 16000 MW in the past 66 years; that too through cost effective energy mix to provide  cheaper electricity”, he said.  Minister further said that the tax-to-GDP ratio of the country has also risen considerably, providing the fiscal space for further development and spending on education and health. Education sector has seen unprecedented increase in the amount of public spending; infrastructure facilities have improved; our student enrollment rates have also risen phenomenally”, he said.  He said that great focus is also being placed on quality of education and research. “Ministry is undertaking curriculum review to match international standards and steps have also been taken to raise the standard of research in the country”, he added.




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