21st Meeting of Board of Governors of NEF Chaired by Federal Education Minister


The 21st meeting of Board of Governors of National Education Foundation (NEF) was held under the chairmanship of Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training Engr. Baligh ur Rehman here on Thursday.

At the outset of the meeting, Minister shared experiences of his visit to vocational training schools established under public private partnership by NEF and expressed his satisfaction on the project. Minister was informed by NEF officials that presently 12 private schools for technical and vocational education, 3 each from federally administered areas of ICT, FATA, GB and AJK, are being run under the program. Minister advised NEF to increase the number of participating schools every year to a total of 48 such schools in 3 years time.

Minister also suggested that public private partnership program should be scaled up and regularized to include more private schools and support more students. Minister said that as practiced by provincial education foundations, NEF should enter into partnerships with private schools for formal education as well. “Public-private partnership venture in education sector is an efficient and cost effective method of providing quality education to students”, he said. “Project needs to be expanded, regularized and support to students and partnering schools should be provided on a sustainable basis”, he added.  Board agreed to Minister’s suggestion and instructed NEF to raise a proposal in this regard to Ministry on priority basis.

Board also agreed to carry out impact analysis study of the schools being run under the program as a project by University graduates, for which Vice Chancellor AIOU assured support to the Board. Board also evaluated progress on the development of curriculum for vocational education and issued instructions for formation of committee of professionals form relevant departments for the purpose. A model book on technical education for 6th class was also presented by NEF to board members and they were informed that one for 7th class was in the final stages. Minister also suggested making the scholarship program for children of F.G. Teachers predominantly need based and also to increase the amount of assistance to come close to the actual education expenses borne by students.  In this regard, Board agreed to review the financial assistance program through Executive Committee meeting and come up with revised proposal


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