Govt focus on development, says Kamran Michael


Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Micheal has said that enemies in and outside the country have created hurdles in the progress and development of the country but whole the nation stands united and we will unfold the nefarious designs of these enemies.

He says minorities are not those who are short in numbers but are those who don’t want to see the prosperity of majority and damaging the country’s economic growth by holding marches and dharnas on the roads.

He has expressed these views while addressing the Cheque distribution ceremony of compensation amount to the deserving people here in Lahore on Wednesday.

Mr. Micheal has said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has always considered the resources as the basic rights of public. He distributed the compensation cheque of worth Rs 5000 each while the whole amount distributed on the occasion was Rs 1.4 million.

He has said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif always worked for eradication of poverty and took care of poor. Leader is that person who always takes care of poor, he has stated. He has also said that the PM has been leading the nation towards the prosperity with his vision and leadership qualities.

He has said that it is the time to promote unity irrespective of the religion, cast or creed for standing united as one nation against all the challenges we are faced with and for the development of Pakistan. He said we need to pledge ourselves to stand together to repel the evil of our common enemy. He said Pakistan is a country where there are no compartments of minorities or majorities. Whether we are Muslims, Christians Hindus or belong to any other religion we are united on the issues of national importance to confront our mutual enemy as a nation. Those who have created hurdles in the way of progress and development have lost their mind and they are not the well wisher of the country, he adds.  He has said that development projects are getting delayed due to negative propaganda and campaigns of the opponents.

The government, he states, is going to introduce comprehensive policies for the sack of the minorities’ welfare irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. The Prime Minister also celebrated Holy and Dewali with minorities and by doing so he proved that he was the leader of all, he added.


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